Convinced by the merchandising of the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris?

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, about 350 new exclusive items were released throughout the celebration. A variety of items and as they say there is something for everyone. From children to adults, including our animal friends, Disneyland Paris has tried to satisfy everyone. The time has come for a first assessment! Are you convinced by the 30th anniversary merchandising? Our editors discuss it.

Two writers, two opinions: Make your Choice !

30th anniversary merchandising? Convinced!By Estelle

To the great despair of my banker, my credit card has never been so hot…

30 Years Of Magic :

At the end of January, we discovered a part of the 30 Years Of Magic collection that was going to be released during this anniversary. And already at that time some products were catching my eye. The most anticipated things for serial shoppers (including me): the (famous) Loungefly, the Spirtit Jersey, the ears and the (famous) Mickey head soap dispenser and even the iridescent jacket. Did I get everything I wanted? Of course and even more.

The iridescent theme is the key word of this collection, whether it is the Loungefly, the mug or even the plaid, everything reminds us of the colours of this celebration. The products are varied and of high quality. We find items that we are not used to finding: lunch boxes, cocoa powder, soap dispenser. All these products are in the effigy of our favourite Disney characters. On April 12, 2022, it was possible to find the t-shirt of the famous anniversary (sold out in a few hours, but I managed to get it).

Some items were expected. Many people queued for a very long time to get what they wanted and this is a big drawback. But I won’t go back to the fact that everything was essentially condensed in one shop, nor to the stock problems… We could also find some timeless items declined for the occasion: the pins, the mug, the magnets and even the key rings. But also limited editions such as the plush box set and the Mickey Magician figurine.

D92 Collection and Golden Collection:

I have to say that I was less seduced by the last two collections, as they are less my style. The 1992-2022 collection has managed to bring retro back into fashion and each piece is decorated with the 30.

The Golden Collection is much more refined and chic, with Sleeping Beauty Castle and Tinkerbell at its centre. As the name suggests, gold is one of the main elements of this collection, which makes it more discreet and sober. This will satisfy those who want to wear Disney without having it written all over them.

The merchandising offer of these two collections is more restricted but just as well worked. This can satisfy and please those who were not convinced by the 30 Years Of Magic collection.

Partnerships :

Some big brands were also present. Not to mention them all, the ones that made the biggest impression on me and above all seduced me the most were : Pandora and Bic.

Pandora because being a huge fan of the brand, I couldn’t resist the temptation to have a new charm on my bracelet. The one with the 30 years logo is really nice. The quality of the jewellery from this brand has never disappointed me.

When it comes to the very famous (but not only) Bic pen brand, I must say that I was won over by the packaging and the aesthetics of these pens, but I didn’t fall for it. If you take away the iridescent colours and the Disney characters, it’s still a banal four colour pen.

The merchandising of the 30th anniversary, conclusion:

To sum up, the merchandising was diverse with products where Disneyland Paris went out of its comfort zone. There were also some limited edition items. Three collections were released, but 30 Years of Magic is the most varied and the one that offers the most choice. For me, it is the one that is most in keeping with the theme of this anniversary.

The D92 collection and the Golden collection can satisfy those who are not convinced by the main collection. It’s always complicated to satisfy everyone, but Disneyland Paris has tried to do its best. Compared to what we saw at the end of January, some products did not disappoint me at all and I was surprised by the quality. Even if the stock was not at all well managed…

30th anniversary merchandising? No, not convinced! By Cathvds

In terms of diversity, Disneyland Paris has pulled out all the stops for this collection, or rather these collections, in honour of the destination’s 30th anniversary. There is certainly something for everyone, but in the end, it can be a bit confusing…

30 Years Of Magic :

The main collection for this anniversary is the “30 years of Magic” collection. It comes in blue-pink-purple tones and is the only one, in my opinion, that represents this celebration. Indeed, it uses the colours of the park’s decorations and the 30 years symbol (taken up by the drones during the D-Light night show). Some items are very nice, such as the mug, the snow globe, the lunch box or the famous Mickey head hand soap… However, I find the colours a bit too much for the clothing items…

When I buy a T-shirt or sweatshirt at Disneyland Paris, I like to be able to wear it in everyday life too… The “30 Years of Magic” sweatshirt, for example, is difficult to wear outside the park and if you only come to DLP once or twice a year (and in summer), you won’t wear it often….

D92 Collection and Golden Collection:

Disneyland Paris has also released two other collections: the gold collection and the 1992-2022 collection. I don’t really understand the concept of releasing three different collections to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the destination… I think that for the Guests, it is not clear at all! For example, the golden collection, it is certainly more chic but it does not represent at all the celebration of this anniversary! No logo of the 30 years, nothing to indicate that it is a 30 years collection…

Disneyland Paris could have released this golden collection last year or next year, the effect would have been the same…This is the collection I like the most among the three for its more chic and less extravagant side. I particularly love the plaid but when I saw its price (50€), it made me cold! In comparison, the plaid from the 30 Years of Magic collection is cheaper but I didn’t buy it because the quality is not at all good: it’s very thin… I find it strange that Disneyland Paris makes similar items (two plaids) with such a big difference in quality… It doesn’t emphasize at all the lower quality plaid!

Finally, the 1992-2022 collection is for me a bit bland… It doesn’t really make you want to buy it except maybe the clothing line. This one is more sober than the first collection while being in the effigy of the anniversary and it allows to be worn even outside Disneyland Paris.

Supply problems for the merchandising of the 30th anniversary!

The last concern with the 30th anniversary collections, and not the least, is the supply! The first few days of the celebration were marked by poor merchandising management by Disneyland Paris. Items were only available in one shop and with a very limited stock! The first few days, the queue to enter Flora’s Unique Boutique was several hours long. So, imagine the disappointment of some Guests who, after this long wait, found themselves faced with an empty shelf instead of the coveted item! I find this situation unacceptable from the 1st European park! They must review their copy for the next celebration…

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