Dream… and Shine Brighter : promise kept?

You can literally count on one hand the new events for the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. One of the key celebrations of this anniversary season is of course the “Dream… and Shine Brighter!” The show has been running for a few weeks now and it’s time to analyse it! So what did we think of it? Here is the opinion of the editorial staff!

Are you… “Ready for the ride” ?

Ready for the ride! is a real 30th birthday anthem with a modern and refreshing feel. Rhythmic and catchy, the song is a real success. It also includes a medley of songs from the Disney films. Under a pop accent, we can recognize, among others, A Friend like me, Under the Sea, I just can’t wait to be king… However, if it’s always a pleasure to hum these refrains, the absence of the characters in question is all the more obvious and it can even be frustrating not to see them appear by surprise! 

Song: 5/5

« Miss Daisy and his driver»

Halfway between a parade and a show, Dream… and Shine Brighter” is a hybrid structure. The show’s characters parade down Main Street and play the parade game, waving and kissing the audience. However, the three new floats, specially created for the show, seem less accomplished than usual. They are quite simple and leave their driver visible. However, this seems to be a conscious choice, as they, like the characters, interact with the audience. The floats are therefore less an instrument of the parade than a means of locomotion, allowing the characters to be transported to the central hub, the place of the real festivities.

Moreover, their retro-futuristic appearance is somewhat perplexing:

  • the float with the 30-year medallion was designed to have only one figure at the top,
  • another is supposed to represent a rocket, and the high stained glass windows largely hide the figures,
  • the third is much more ergonomic. The third one is much more ergonomic. It is reminiscent of a boat and can carry more characters in a more visible way. 

Finally, one can only note the short character of this “parade” with the parade of only 4 floats. 

Half a note : 2,5/5

Surprise guests 

A number of characters are present at this celebration! On the one hand, we find with as much pleasure the icons of the park: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Clarisse, Tic and Tac, and Pluto in their festive outfits, iridescent costumes of the 30 years. The latter are unequally successful depending on the characters: where Goofy is very elegant, the same is not really true for Tic and Tac whose clothing looks somewhat cheap. 

On the other hand, it is not without a little disappointment that we find Alice, the Mad Hatter, Woody, Jessie, etc., characters who are very present in the park, whether in meeting points or in the Stars on parade. 

The real surprise is the presence of Miguel, first appearance on the park, Judy, Nick and Joy reserved until now for the special evenings for the annual pass holders. It was certainly with pure delight that we discovered them on the show. However, for such an important celebration, we would have imagined more exclusive characters. 

Finally, it is important to underline that the dancers accompanying the Disney characters set Central Plaza alight (sometimes literally). The choreographies are rhythmic and seem easy to reproduce… well, until you try! 

Characters and performers: 4/5

Central Plaza : at the heart of the show

The real show takes place on Central Plaza: the characters and dancers perform on the 4 platforms of the central hub. Between pyrotechnics, fountain games and bubbles, the rendering is undeniably pretty. However, the place seems not very appropriate for an overall vision and therefore gives the effect of a fragmented show without much coherence. Moreover, and this is probably one of the most important points, this show suffers from a great fragility: its writing. Indeed, no storyline or red thread comes to decorate it and it is thus limited to remain a pretty parade, even a point of meetings between characters, without more depth. It’s a pity because the meaning always brings a more intense emotional dimension.

The show on the hub : 2,5/5

In brief,

To conclude, it is a nice experience and it leaves the memory of a nice moment. However, many points make the show less qualitative and some choices make it somewhat disappointing, especially when one remembers the wonderful Jungle Book Jive. As is often the case, the magic of Disney owes its survival to the eyes of the unconditional fans, those perpetual dreamers in search of poetry.

The overall score of 14/20 is however quite honourable (largely saved from the waters by the song and choreography). 

We like We like less
The catchy, rhythmic song Ready for the ride! 
The tanks, ‘messy’ and not very ergonomic 
The pleasant surprise of seeing Miguel, Joy, Judy and NickThe lack of a common thread throughout the show 
Dynamic choreography The lack of exclusive characters 
The beautiful bubble effects and pyrotechnics The hub not conducive to a homogeneous show 
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