For or against the StoryBook Store for annual passes?

During the summer of 2021, the StoryBook Store at Disneyland Paris has been transformed into an ephemeral shop dedicated to annual passports. 

Annual Pass members were able to benefit from promotional offers, previews and exclusive products.  

Now it’s time to take stock. Was the test successful? Would you be in favour of making the concept permanent? Our columnists give their opinion! And as usual, they don’t agree!

Two reviewers, two opinions: Make Your Choice!

No, the test was not conclusive! by Marie

Exclusive products… sold at a high price

During this short period, the shop offered many exclusive products such as the paintings present in Disney’s Hotel New York before its major transformation into Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. It was also the occasion to sell a new “Arribas” key, made of glass and bearing the image of the Phantom Manor attraction, limited to 999 copies. 

Even if there is something to delight the soul of collectors and it is interesting to offer this advantage to members of the Annual Pass. One can only deplore the almost immediate resale of these products on the net, making the bids climb very quickly. It is clear that the motivation is not so much passion as the lure of profit. 

A small variety of products

Apart from these few exclusivities, most of the offers were more or less the same as in the other shops. Indeed, Phantom Manor and Pirates of the Caribbean books, Spirit Jersey, mugs, pins and figurines could easily be found elsewhere in the park. In addition, it was disappointing to find no stamped products like those offered at the launch of the new Annual Pass range. 

A distorted shop

Finally, apart from the concept of a shop dedicated to annual passports, the choice of location was, in my opinion, not the right one. Indeed, StoryBook Store, originally a shop largely dedicated to reading, is an integral part of the soul of the park. And it would be a shame to sacrifice it for an exclusive shop for annual passports. From the outset, it was clear that other solutions would make much more sense. Indeed, the Annual Passport Office, at the entrance to DiscoveryLand and now abandoned, would be a more judicious choice to accommodate these products. 

Yes, the test was successful! By Fairyemi

Located at the entrance to Disneyland Paris in place of the former Storybook Store, this temporary shop has been offering an additional benefit to annual pass holders since 6 August 2021.
A new concept since the opening of the park, this initiative was intended to compensate for the significant changes and reductions in the benefits of the annual pass programmes over the last few months.

A privileged access

This shop, open only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, allowed fans to feel privileged thanks to a reserved access. Before its closure (permanent or temporary? Time will tell!) on (if you know the date ;-)), this shop offered exclusive and unpublished products for sale, whose stocks would be renewed from one week to the next. This was an unprecedented initiative at DLP, and gave a glimmer of hope that the destination would pay attention to its loyal visitors, in a context of major upheaval leading to widespread discontent.

Exclusive items

The lucky winners were given access to exclusive collection items, including the “Disneyland Paris Heritage” collection, with paintings from Disney’s Hotel New York and tableware and wallpaper from the Disneyland Hotel. As these two hotels have now definitively disappeared in their original versions, this sale allowed annual passes to buy unique pieces, with a strong symbolic side as they allow to keep a trace of the park’s history. A grail for enthusiasts and a way to bring a little of the park’s magic home!

Limited editions

Third and not least, the setting up of this temporary shop was also an opportunity for members to acquire limited edition collector’s items: this was the case from the outset with the Phantom Manor key in collaboration with Arribas, numbered and with its certificate of authenticity, available in 999 copies. The key is a replica of the one brandished by the mayor of Thunder Mesa in the iconic attraction.
The operation was renewed during the summer with the sale of an “annual pass” key, limited to 400 copies.

Dedicated promotions

Finally, the annual pass shop offered several times articles with discounts higher than those usually present in the other shops of the park. Combined with the annual pass discounts, members were able to score some great deals and finally get their hands on some coveted items for less!

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