From our archives (Ep 3)

“I’m talking to you about a time, that the under 20s can’t know…” the Charles Aznavour song says. This week in this new episode, let’s explore the old menus of missing or modified restaurants! We’ll also go through some rare old menus along the way. Most of these menus date from 1992-1996.

Do you remember the Explorer’s Club Restaurant (preceding Colonel Hatti’s Pizza Outpost)? Los Angeles Bar & Grill (before Cafe Mickey)? The 57th Street Bar (before the New York City Bar)? The Manhattan Jazz Club which succeeded the Rainbow Room, better known today as the Manhattan Restaurant?

Do you remember when we counted everything in francs and not in euros? Or quite simply the time when, without internet or mobile application or digital screens, the counter service restaurants of Disneyland Paris offered small paper menus?

Oh, and we particularly love the menu of the Silver Spur Steakhouse, in the shape of a cowboy shirt! 🙂

This list is not exhaustive and we will continue to look deep into our vault to unearth ancient treasures!

Chip & Dale
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