One Night at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

…or, how to be a cowboy! Yeee-ha!

This summer, I tested a stay of two days and one night at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne! And here is my experience…

We were three guests: 2 adults and a child. I selected this hotel for its lower price in comparison to the Newport Bay Club and Hotel New York: Th eArt of Marvel. The other hotels were also not open over our vacation dates. I also chose this hotel for the Western theme, which was appealing for a ten-year-old boy.

Our arrival

We made the journey by care and we arrived for the park opening time. We parked just in from of the hotel reception in the short stay car park.

La réception du Cheyenne – côté parking

I had completed the online check-in before our arrival. So we didn’t have to queue up with the other guests. A cast member invited us to follow her to a corner of the reception area. She handed us an envelope containing our Magic Pass, and the necessary documents for our stay.

I recommend registering online via the Disneyland Paris app on your smartphone. It saves time and makes it possible to get to the parks more quickly. On the other hand, Disneyland Paris should provide a counter to receive registered customers. Indeed, the Cast Member dealt with us at the corner of a table and did a bit of a poor job of welcoming us…

We left our luggage in the car which we moved to the “Corral North” in order to bring it closer to the building where our room was located. Indeed, the Cast Member could not yet give us the exact number of our room (which was sent to us by sms in the course of the afternoon) but she was able to tell us that our room would be in the “Jesse James” building.

Plan de l’hôtel cheyenne

The general atmosphere of the hotel

We then walked to the parks across the “street” that runs alongside the Disney Cheyenne Hotel, then along the Rio Grande River. The walk is pleasant and not that long. It only took us 10-15 minutes to reach the entrance of Disneyland Park. I really recommend this pleasant walk, instead of taking the shuttle.

As we only stayed one night, we only enjoyed the western décor of the hotel during this crossing… My impression: it’s quiet… almost too much so… It reminded me of an empty movie set. Maybe due to the health crisis, the animations were suspended… Anyway, the decor was really beautiful and it felt like a “real” western village.

Les extérieurs de l’hôtel

The only entertainment we had was the presence of Woody the next morning when we went to breakfast. Apparently there are also pony rides but as I wrote above, perhaps the health crisis prevented that…

Woody est présent le matin pendant le peti déjeuner

The room

I had selected a standard Woody’s Roundup room – J’avais choisi une chambre standard Woody’s Roundup – by the river.

We didn’t get to our room until late in the evening. By then we had spent the day in the parks and had eaten a Tex-Mex buffet at La Grange at Billy Bob’s Saloon. The room was very clean and just what I expected. I had asked for two double beds as I preferred this option to the trundle bed for the child we were with. Bingo! He loved having a big bed to himself!

The western decoration is distilled here and there. It is very present without being kitschy. This makes the room very agreeable.

We took our shower and off we went! Off to bed! The bathroom was quite decent although we wouldn’t mind a touch of modernity. However, there were plenty of towels and soap in the dispensers and the little bottles of Woody and Jessie toiletries were a big hit with our young cowboy!

We had a great night! The bedding is good and the hotel was quiet (it was a weekday in July). In short, we were up for another day in the parks!

On the other hand, the view towards the river, one had to look for it… From the room, one could only guess it behind the trees. The view was not unpleasant but I expected to see the Rio Grande better!

La chambre avec deux lits doubles


The next morning, after a good night’s sleep and a good shower, we were off again! To the Chuck Wagon Cafe for breakfast! This summer, due to the health crisis, breakfast, although all-you-can-eat, was table service.

When we arrived at the Chuck Wagon Cafe, a Cast Member placed us at a table and handed us a menu. We had a choice of pastries, pancakes, an English breakfast platter, an American platter, cereals, etc. The choice is wide. For drinks, Cast mMembers circulate between the tables with trolleys.

The room is well decorated but it looks more like a big school refectory than a restaurant… The tables are close to each other and the room is noisy… In short, it lacks intimacy… It’s ok for breakfast but I can’t see myself having dinner at the Chuck Wagon Cafe after an exhausting day in the parks.

Back at the room, we packed our bags and left them in the car before saying goodbye to the Disney Cheyenne Hotel and heading to the parks.

la salle du Chuck Wagon Cafe

In conclusion

We liked the Disney Cheyenne Hotel! The rooms and the hotel are nice and perfectly sufficient! In any case, a two-day and one-night stay does not allow you to fully enjoy the hotel. In fact, personally, I went there once on arrival to receive my Magic Passes, then late in the evening for the night and finally to have breakfast… and that’s it! So I don’t need a super hotel with swimming pool etc… because I wouldn’t have time to enjoy it!

+ The decor is very immersive
+ The quality of the bedding
+ The room decor
+ The cleanliness
+ The breakfast selection
– Welcoming customers who have registered online
– Lack of animation to bring the hotel to “life”
– The Chuck Wagon Cafe space
– the lack of modernity in the bathroom
I’ve been finding excuses to research anything Disney for as long as I can remember. And a Fantasyland girl whose favourite park music is Grim Grinning Ghosts - because even the spooky things are delightful in DLP. Disneyland Paris has a magic all of its own. I want to help other fans find that Disney feeling, whether it’s little things to make your day go smoothly or details that’ll make it sparkle.