Our experience at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

When Team Princess comes to Team Superhero

The Marvel Hotel at Disneyland Paris, a world where the magic of superheroes rubs shoulders with the dreams of princesses. We, the “Team Princesse”, entered this heroic universe on the second weekend of January 2024. Accompanied by our honorary member, Mr. “Team Rien Du Tout”, we were ready to explore this other world. On one side, our team, enchanted by fairy tales. On the other, a skeptic curious to see what this universe had to offer.

We, the Princesses-in-Chief, had already planned our fairytale moments, while Mr. Princesso-Marvello-Skeptic was already wondering what he was doing there. But surprise, surprise! Even he was won over by Hotel Marvel. It’s amazing what a little magic can do!


As soon as we arrived, a surprise awaited us at check-in: a magnificent view of the lake! Perhaps our late arrival played into our hands, but we’re not sure. What’s more, the hotel offered us a Spiderman newspaper detailing the services on offer. Cinderella devoured the pages, plunging into another universe between the information in this precious guide.

The rooms

The rooms at Hotel Marvel were a veritable plunge into the world of superheroes. Every detail, from the walls to the décor, exuded the Marvel spirit. Adorned with comic-book-inspired paintings, the walls evoked the atmosphere of our favorite heroes’ quarters, also imbuing every piece of furniture with this unique ambience. Elements such as mirrors concealing flat screens added a touch of modernity and technology worthy of Stark Industries. Mr. Sceptic was particularly taken with the ambience. He even thought that the mirror concealing the flat screen was the best attraction in the park!

The Metro Pool

We preferred to avoid venturing into the waters of the Marvel hotel pool. Indeed, we know from experience how cool hotel pools can be, especially in winter. What’s more, Elsa’s presence at the nearby pop-up surprises made us fear an extra chill! So we thought it safer not to try this aquatic experience, and looked for other ways to have fun and keep warm…

The Skyline Bar

The Skyline Bar, accessible via the hotel lobby, offers a unique experience. Upon entering, a large glass window offers a breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline, capturing the very essence of New York. The illusion of being perched high up in a New York skyscraper is perfectly recreated, with the majestic Avengers Tower as a backdrop. Screens scattered here and there add a touch of dynamism, plunging visitors into the heart of Manhattan’s bustling streets. Keep your wits about you, because at any moment, a Marvel superhero could be on a mission, creating palpable excitement among guests.

Even Mr. Skeptic couldn’t contain his enthusiasm, exclaiming: “Oh look! It’s Spider-Man! Every detail of the set exudes the Marvel spirit and the hectic energy of New York, offering an immersive and unforgettable experience. We had to stash our annual passport in our pockets, because alas, it was as useless as a poncho at DLP on a sunny day! As you can see, the Disneyland Pass discount does not apply in bars.

The restaurants

Unfortunately, getting a reservation for the restaurants was as difficult as getting a Fastpass for the BTM when these were in force, even though we had planned 2 months in advance. A disappointment indeed, but a lesson learned: you have to plan well in advance. We had to make a detour to Hunter’s Grill at the neighboring Sequoia Lodge. A warm welcome and delicious food awaited us. However, even with our reservation, we were surprised by the long wait outside the restaurant. Once inside, the buffet wasn’t as full as we’d expected, given the late time slot for our reservation. Yet we paid the same price as the other customers!

The Super Hero Station

We also decided to take a trip to the Super Hero Station, bookable 7 days in advance via the app. It’s a must-see for fans of Marvel photos and adventures. We were seduced by the various settings inspired by the superhero universe. They provide spectacular backdrops for our shots.

The Black Widow failure

However, meeting the character turned out to be rather expeditious, with rather quick interactions. For example, Black Widow, signing the autograph book in her haste, took the liberty of doing so on the title page, leaving the adults somewhat baffled. Super Hero Station seems to be more about entertaining children. As such, adults are left a little wanting in terms of interaction. But all in all, it was an entertaining experience that allowed us to immerse ourselves further in the captivating Marvel superhero universe.


All in all, the Marvel Hotel at Disneyland Paris has won our hearts, even Mr. Skeptic’s. An unexpected getaway, an immersion in a parallel universe where dreams mingle with reality, to the delight of young and old, princesses and skeptics alike.

Born in 1992, the emblematic year marked by the opening of Disneyland Paris, it's fair to say that I fell into this passion from the cradle. Accompanied by my three wonderful children, I regularly take us on enchanted escapades, where we explore with wonder the nooks and crannies of the theme parks, in search of new encounters and magical moments. Apart from these moments of escapism, I devote my time to teaching, a vocation that enables me to pass on my passion for discovery and learning. But whenever the opportunity arises, I dive back into the magical world of the Disney parks, where every attraction is an adventure and every encounter a story to be shared with the whole family. Writing is also one of my great passions. Through my texts, I strive to capture the enchanting spirit of Disney, trying to add my personal touch of humor and sincerity, without ever being afraid to be direct and authentic. I hope you'll enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it, and that you'll let yourself be carried away by the magic of my adventures and my words.