David Greenbaum appointed President of Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production has offered David Greenbaum the post of Director to succeed Sean Bailey. He will be responsible for overseeing future film productions by Disney and 20th Century.

A Master of Magic at the helm of Walt Disney Studios

david greenbaum new director walt disney studios motion picture production

With a wealth of experience in film production at Searchlight Pictures , David Greenbaum, who has won several Oscars, has been asked by Walt Disney Studios to succeed current president Sean Bailey. For the past 15 years, Bailey has been at the head of the film production unit at Mickey Mouse’s company.

Let’s not forget that Sean Bailey is responsible for Disney+ streaming service. He also came up with the idea of transforming animated films into live action. The film “The Beauty and the Beast” went on to earn almost 1.3 billion dollars, while the unrivalled “The Lion King” earned 1.66 billion. On the other hand, “The Little Mermaid” and other animated films from the magical universe were not as successful as expected. The latest superhero film, “The Marvels”, also only earned 206 million dollars.

Disney is counting on the man with the Oscars to rekindle the enchantment ✨

We all know that over the last few years, Disney has proudly topped the box-office charts, but our favourite mouse’s company has now been upstaged by Universal Pictures, causing much disappointment among its shareholders.

Last year, the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company was particularly difficult. Financially, the animated film “Wish” was not as successful as expected.

In the wake of these latest setbacks, TWDC CEO Bog Iger and co-chairman Alan Bergman are counting on David Greenbaum, who is currently co-chairman of Searchlight Pictures, the production company that is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios and was bought out for over 71 billion dollars by Disney and 21th Century Fox, to restore the Walt Disney Studios’ enchanting image by overseeing the company’s next film creations.

David Greenbaum’s appointment coincides with the start of filming on Thunderbolt, due for release in cinemas in 2025.

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