This week’s news from Disneyland Paris

Make yourself comfortable, I’ve put together a round-up of the week’s news. Did you miss anything? Don’t worry, I’m here! Here’s this week’s news from Disneyland Paris.

Disney Dreams !

The biggest news of the week relates to Disney Dreams, which will be playing twice a night from 3 March until 9 March.

An alternative version, earlier in the evening, will enable a larger number of visitors to enjoy the show with its projections, fountains and magical, spectacular soundtrack. It will not include fireworks, pyrotechnic effects and flames so as not to impact the opening of Fantasyland and the surrounding restaurants (for the show to run smoothly, Sleeping Beauty Castle (including the Sleeping Beauty Gallery and the Dragon’s Lair) will nevertheless be closed). The full original version will remain open before the park closes.

Please note: the alternative version of Disney Dreams®! earlier in the evening will not be preceded by the Disney Electrical Sky Parade show. This will only be performed as a preamble to the original Disney Dreams®! before the park closes.

*Timetables may vary, so please check the mobile application on the day of your visit.

disney dreams!

Disney Stars on Parade & Disney Dreams!

Starting this spring, Disneyland Paris will launch a new reserved outdoor area for Disney Stars on Parade and Disney Dreams!

Reservations will be made via the Disneyland Paris app in limited quantities and will be considered as an additional option.

The price is €19 per show and no reductions will be possible.

disney stars on parade