Update on our Entertainment offerings

coulisses disney pour fémina suisse

Since our July 15 reopening, we have taken a deliberate approach to our phased reopening. The plan included both opening and closing experiences, from hotels and park entertainment, to restaurants and shops.

Since then, we have made several adjustments to our operations in order to adapt to the evolving situation, notably, changes to our hotel reopening timeline, entertainment offerings and park operating hours.

Based on a number of considerations, we have made the decision to hold on performances of The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands stage show and the Jungle Book Jive through their original run dates. In addition, the opening of Disney Junior Dream Factory, a new indoor family show that will be coming to the Walt Disney Studios is also delayed. We look forward to share more updates on an opening date soon.

Chip & Dale
I'm a huge fan of the Disney universe, and I love collecting all kinds of products. One sure thing is that over the years my collection has grown. My greatest dream would be to be able to go on a world tour of the Disney parks. I particularly like the Disney theme parks, and I like to find the smallest secrets.