A message from the Annual Passholder team


A message from the Annual Pass team

“Dear Annual Pass members,

As announced a few days ago, we are really looking forward to seeing you again during our two exceptional Annual Pass opening days on 15th and 16th of June!

You will be able to register on our online reservation platform from Tuesday the 1st of June 2021 from 3 pm (French time).

Making sure you are fully satisfied is important to us and we have taken into account your recent feedback.

To make sure everyone has a fair chance to access the parks and to ensure a large majority can enjoy the magic, we have amended the rules of our park reservation system.

Each Annual Pass member will be able to make 3 reservations at the same time.

Reservation for our pre-opening days will not count towards the 3 reservations, as well as any days booked as part of an overnight stay at a Disney Hotel.

Once you have completed your 1st visit, you will be able to make another reservation. In a similar way, if you cancel any of your 3 reservations, you will be able to make a new one.

If you have already made more than 3 reservations, you will be asked to choose 3 of your preferred dates and cancel the other ones. This will free up availability for more of you to book.

Please make sure to cancel your least preferred dates before the 3rd of June 2021. From the 4th of June 2021, if you haven’t made your choice, only the first 3 dates will be kept, and the other ones will be automatically canceled.

Availability on our reservation system changes frequently. We encourage to come and check it out regularly.

You will be able to start booking your Privilege Tickets from the 1st of June 2021! Please visit the Annual Pass online platform from 11am (French time).

We are conscious that these new rules to use your Annual Pass are different from the ones you are used to in the past and to thank you for your patience and understanding, we are offering you an additional 60-day extension on the validity of your Annual Pass. You also have the option to cancel your Annual Pass and depending on the method of payment chosen at the time of purchase, we will either stop your monthly payments or provide a refund for the number of days you had remaining when Disneyland Paris closed on the 30th of October 2020 (based on a 12-month subscription).

For all Annual Pass cancellation requests, a specific form will be available on our website from the 1st of June 2021. You will have until the 10th of June 2021 to complete and validate it. Your Annual Pass will be cancelled upon receipt of your completed form. The refund itself may take 30 to 90 days, depending on the circumstances.

If we do not hear from you, the validity of your Annual Pass will be automatically extended by 60 days.

Following our reopening announcement, our call center is experiencing a high volume of calls, and we encourage you to call us at a later date or contact us by email.

We thank you again for your patience and your loyalty. We can’t wait to see you again soon at Disneyland Paris!

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