A tray with 30 years colors

Easily make a tray with Mickey’s image and the colors of the 30 years of Disneyland Paris!


I bought the tray and the resin on Amazon:

tray, hinges and mickey template
  • an unvarnished wooden tray (mine was rectangular, 25×35 cm)
  • paint (for my part I chose to use pearly and pastel colors: pink, mauve and blue in order to get closer to the 30 years color range)
  • brushes and other pads to apply the paint
  • a Mickey head template
  • glue varnish
  • a transparent epoxy resin kit (240 ml for the tray I chose but more if the tray is much bigger)


We begin by positioning the template in the shape of Mickey’s head in the middle of the tray. Fix it with the help of fixing paste. Apply the pink and purple paints. I chose to use a stamp, but a paintbrush can work just fine. I preferred to have each color overflow onto its neighbor but that’s a matter of taste! Feel free to do it your way!

Then I spread the blue paint with a brush, on the inner and outer edges of the tray.

blue paint and varnish

When the paint is dry, you can remove the paper template and apply a coat of glue varnish on the blue parts of the tray. There is no need to do this on the bottom since it will be protected by the resin.

Warm the two tubes of resin by placing them directly in a base of hot water for a few moments, then mix the contents of the two tubes as indicated on the instructions. All you have to do is pour the resin on the bottom of the tray and let it dry. I advise you to protect your tray from possible dust deposits (and for my part, cat hair!) by putting a board or another small tray on top of it but not directly in contact with the resin, of course!

Finally, all you have to do is wait 24 hours before the resin is completely dry and you can unveil your new tray!

tray is finished

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