Giona, ambassador of Disneyland Paris

On September 15th, during the ceremony designating the new Ambassadors of Disneyland Paris, we had the chance to talk with Giona Prevete who gives up her place to Carmen and Quentin.

Giona ambassador

ED92 : How do you feel about this upcoming succession?

Giona : I am extremely happy with their respective victories! And to manage the upcoming events, it’s really good! Because let’s not forget that they are going to live, among other things, the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris!

ED92 : Among the attractions or shows that have disappeared at Disneyland Paris, what is your favorite?

Giona : Without hesitation, it is the parade “The wonderful world of Disney“.

ED92 : What are your future professional projects?

Giona : Of course I have some leads and the support of the Leader Chip, but I won’t tell you more!

ED92 : What is your best memory as an ambassador?

Giona : I have a lot of good memories and today will be one of them! But the one that stood out the most was being able to attend the D23 conference! (The official Disney Fan Club, which takes place once a year in the USA).

ED92 : How did you deal with the COVID 19 health crisis and the closure of the parks?

Giona : The closure of the parks was very difficult to accept. But we had to face this unforeseen challenge and remain optimistic! For personal reasons, Joanna, retired from her role as Ambassador in April 2020. But I was able to do it anyway! So I used social networks a lot to communicate as much as possible! We also took a lot of photos in the parks… empty! All the trades that could, were hard at work to present a clean park when it reopened, respecting of course the sanitary procedure.

We are very grateful to Giona for this interview.

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