I stayed away from Disneyland Paris this summer!

We all have an annual pass and so we thought we were entitled to go every day of the year. But now, new rules have arrived, putting a stop to all the advantages of this pass: it’s the reservations. And when you want to book a stay, it gets even more complicated!

Annual pass, an obstacle course

I can honestly say that I really wanted to go to Disneyland Paris during the summer holidays. I don’t live very close and booking a trip is becoming a real struggle.

From Belgium I call the Infinity center to make a reservation. To my astonishment, the prices have tripled since the beginning of the confinement! There are 4 of us, the calculation is quickly done, I don’t have the budget! Cost of the call 32 euros from Belgium.

I head for the “partner hotels”. Prices are becoming more affordable. There may be a way to afford it. I have the dates available for the partner hotel. What remains are the famous mandatory reservations for the annual passes to access the park! My optimism is short-lived! There is no more room for the passes.

I call again to be confirmed that there are no places for the passes, but that if I take a Disney hotel, I don’t need to book! Of course not!

I ask nicely: but what did I not understand in the notion of partner hotel?
Answer: these hotels are not part of Disney ok
Question: why are they on your site?
Answer: because they are partners
Question: YES BUT partner of what if an annual pass can’t get reservations by booking in these hotels ?????

Tut tut tut … the phone bill goes up by 28 euros, which makes 60 euros (two monthly payments of a magic plus!)

A cheaper holiday elsewhere!

In addition, you have to be sure of what you want, and know your availability dates in advance! No question of going on a whim, we are only allowed 3 reservations at a time!

Well, I’m a fighter, I love Disney. I have the hotel and not the reservations or I have the reservations and not the hotel in my budget…

I admit, I’m disgusted. This is the first year in 25 years that I haven’t been to the park for a week in summer. Result: instead of spending my holiday budget at Disneyland Paris, I had a wonderful holiday elsewhere for much less!

BUT, as I don’t hold grudges, I booked a weekend for November. Except that there is a problem there too. A member of my family will not be able to enter the park on Saturday. The others will…

It’s worthy of a Belgian-style sketch, except that it takes place in France, in Europe’s leading tourist destination.

It may be just an idea, but I think Disney is going to end up offering us a multi-speed dream. I can think of several formulas:

  • You have money, you book the Disney hotels, you are safe, your stay is assured.
  • For a medium budget, you take a partner hotel and you buy dated tickets. In this case, you delete your pass, that’s already a win.
  • You want to give your kid a dream, you row and you go one day.
  • You decide to go less often, you skip a year or two and you offer yourself the trip.

Now my next option will be the Disney cruise. It doesn’t cost more and at least you get to travel!

In short, Disney has become not a dream factory, but a money bank. Uncle Scrooge must be happy.

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