Loki is a character from the Marvel universe.

Loki, the comic book character
Loki, the comic book character

Bio express :

  • Loki, real name: Loki Laufeyson
  • First appearance in his current form in October 1962.
  • In August 1949, the character appeared in a first form, different from the one we know now.
  • The first version of Loki represented an Olympian deity banished to the kingdom of Hades. This representation was incorrect.
  • He is the adopted son of Odin, brother of Thor.

Loki – in details :

  • The first version of the character of Loki published in August 1949 was a misrepresentation of the deity. He was depicted as an Olympian god, banished to the realm of Hades. It was not until 1962 that a corrected version was published.
  • The corrected version of the character was proposed by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber. Jack Kirby will be in charge of the modification of Loki’s appearance.
  • Loki is the son of the king of the Ice Giants. The latter is killed during a battle by Odin who decides to take in the young Loki and raise him with his biological son, Thor. Loki has never felt at home in the kingdom of Asgaard where courage and strength are valued. Thor far surpassed him in these qualities, and Loki tended to develop more of the art of magic and cunning. He becomes the God of Lies and Deceit. His hatred for Thor grows over the years, to the point where he wishes his adopted brother dead.
  • After Thor’s exile on Earth, he leads a life of a superhero. Loki, determined to harm him, goes on several trips to create super villains to try to kill Thor. Odin, very unhappy with his adopted son’s actions, decides to banish Loki to Earth and transform him into a human.
  • In order to regain his powers, Loki makes a pact with the witch Karnillia: she must give him back his powers through an enchantment. The manoeuvre fails, and the powers are transferred to another person: this is how the ‘Demolisher’, a very dangerous super-villain, is born.
  • Loki regains his powers a little later.
  • Although he belongs to the Ice Giant nation of Jötunheim, he is not a giant, although he has superhuman physical attributes: he is strong, tough, fast and resistant to earthly diseases. He is a master of deception and manipulation and is skilled enough in combat to give his brother a hard time on several occasions. He is capable of astral projection, levitation and metamorphosis.
  • In the movies, the character of Loki is played by Tom Hiddleston.
  • He is the brother of Thor and the adopted son of Odin. He is the natural son of the king of the Ice Giants of Jötunheim. He is more or less related to the other Avengers.
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