Luca, the latest from Pixar

Luca is a feature film and the latest from Pixar Studios. It is available on the Disney + platform. 

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The plot takes place on a picturesque island on the Italian Riviera. A young boy, half human, half sea creature, accompanied by his best friend, discovers the happiness of life on the surface of the earth. Both of them make the most of this dolce vita with human beings, while taking care to keep their double identity a secret.

Poster of the film Luca
Poster of the film Luca

A refreshing summer film

With its old-fashioned postcard setting, this film offers us a pleasant and sunny moment. Indeed, Enrico Casarosa’s film perfectly evokes the nostalgia that we can have for summer holidays. That very special moment when nothing seems impossible.

Dan Romer’s musical composition contributes to this bubble of lightness and leads us gently into a world where summer seems eternal.

The film fits perfectly with the summer season and awakens the carefree side of the viewer.

location of the film Luca

Less impactful issues

However, after the profound Soul, how can one not remain a bit on the fence? There is no metaphysical reflection here. We find Pixar’s favourite issues, namely overcoming one’s fears, respect for others and the importance of friendship. These themes are obviously fundamental to a child’s development, but they are treated without much originality. The plot is more than predictable so that it is difficult, at times, to fight boredom.

The characters, although likeable, appear to have little depth. This lack of depth is particularly noticeable in the sequence of gags which, let’s face it, end up being annoying after 30 minutes.

It is a pity that the secondary characters, the young friend of the heroes and her father who is missing an arm, were not given more depth. Indeed, they could have incorporated more depth and authenticity.

luca et son ami
lucca et son ami

Superficial image processing

The graphic aspect of the film is also disappointing at times. Apart from a few dreamlike passages, the treatment of textures and shadows is reduced to a strict minimum. The landscapes, treated with flat tints of colour, are cruelly lacking in relief.

Similarly, what about the underwater world? Compared to The Little Mermaid, which, in 1989, revealed a rich and luminous world, Luca pales in comparison. Everything appears dark and sad. Even if it is a probable choice of the director, it is difficult not to make a comparison. All the more so when numerous references to The Little Mermaid run through the beginning of the film.

In conclusion, Luca is an entertaining film and smells of summer. It is ideal for a family night out and is, in our opinion, particularly suitable for toddlers. However, to those who expect more, this film appears inconsistent and much less impactful than other Pixar films.

We like

  • The summer and Italian atmosphere
  • The softness and lightness that emanates from the film

We don’t like

  • The lack of depth in the treatment of themes and characters
  • Hyperactive rhythm of the characters
  • The lack of relief in the graphics as a rule
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