My experience at the Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Hotel vu des jardins

It is as impressive as it is dreamy. I’m going to tell you today about my experience at the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris !

Welcome to the Disneyland Hotel!

My little sister and I have always been fans of the Disney universe. We regularly visited our favourite park. Each time, we tried to book a different hotel in the resort. But the ultimate dream was to spend at least one night at the Disneyland Hotel!

In 2014, the website Voyage Privé gave us the opportunity. For €300 per person, we booked a stay in this hotel that we had been dreaming of!

In September of the same year, we left early one morning to spend a magical time once again.

After a journey punctuated by excitement and Disney music, we finally arrived. As we saw the directional signs to the parks and hotels, the excitement was building. Then we saw the roof of our next destination in the distance: this is it!

Like any Disney hotel, your reservation gives you access to the hotel’s car park. I looked for the entrance to the hotel to find a place to park. But there were barriers and the only open passage led us directly to the hotel entrance.


Confused at not having found the car park, my sister rolls down her window and asks the bellman at the door where we can park? The man, surprised, replies: “You park? But Madam, we’ll take care of parking our car!

Dumbfounded by her answer, we laughed for a moment at our question. We Breton sisters were not used to such kindness towards us.

Before taking the keys to my car, a second bellboy arrived with a trolley to take our luggage. Our small weekend bags looked ridiculous on the huge trolley but who cares, we were there and we intended to enjoy every moment!

The first discovery!

Once through the automatic doors, we arrive in the hall. It is so grand! We admired the gilding, the decoration, the fireplace, the huge light fixture and the majestic staircase (if you like Victorian style of course).

When we arrived at the reception, a Cast Member welcomed us with a lot of kindness (at the same time, the opposite never happened to us, no matter which hotel we went to in Disneyland). He gave us the necessary information for our stay as well as our documents and entrance tickets. He describes the room we have been allocated and says: “The hotel has provided you with a room with a king size bed and a nice view of the gardens, will this suit you? “.

Of course, we wouldn’t have minded a view of the castle… But the price probably wouldn’t have been the same and we were so happy to be staying at this hotel that we said a big “yes” in unison.

 Disneyland Hotel Lobby

We went up the grand staircase and turned left on the first floor. The door to our room was on the right. The number we had been given was 1234 (easy to remember!). Once opened, we pushed the door and there, what happiness: a spacious room, tastefully decorated where our king size bed with its headboard representing the castle was waiting for us, our luggage too, there was a small living room, a television with a mini bar more than well stocked (be careful with the prices all the same…), a large bathroom decorated on the theme of Fantasia, the remarkable view on the gardens as promised by the Cast Member: all this, just for us, for two days!

A dream holiday at Disneyland Hotel

Our dream stay was off to a great start. Once we had checked in, we left the hotel and headed for the entrance to the parks in less than 5 minutes. What an advantage to be able to enjoy this proximity!

The day passes, as usual, we have had our fill of attractions and shows and we decide to go back to the hotel before going to see the night show in the Disneyland park.

As we were getting ready, we heard a knock on the door. What’s up? We weren’t expecting a visitor… A hotel employee introduced herself and asked us if we wanted our bed opened before we returned. Okay, it’s a luxury hotel, but we didn’t want to take advantage of the situation. We politely declined the lady’s offer and in return she gave us a large packet of chocolate coins featuring Disney characters.

After debating amongst ourselves about the crazy demands that the hotel staff were facing, we went back out to see the night show of the moment: Disney Dreams.

Once this was over, we walked up Main Street U.S.A. towards the hotel with stars in our eyes. While many visitors admired it with envy, we were lucky enough to stay there for the night and that added to the magic!

Back in our room, we admired the illuminated gardens and then went to bed in such a comfortable bed that we wished we hadn’t had to wake up the next day to enjoy it more. But a second day in dreamland awaited us!

Un lit du Disneyland Hotel

The next morning, after a good shower with Hyacinth Hippo and his dancers (as a decoration on the shower walls, otherwise it would have been complicated to shower!), we went past the restaurants where some characters were welcoming the hotel residents: Bourriquet, Tic and Tac were the attraction. We went to the Inventions restaurant for breakfast (at the time it was included in the price of the reservation). It was a large buffet with lots of choice: sweet, savoury, there was something for everyone, and most importantly, everything was fresh unlike any other hotel in the destination we had stayed at. We had a table with a view on the park, with the Sleeping Beauty castle in the background: we couldn’t have dreamt of anything better!

After a quick trip to the second floor shop, our second day could begin and then we were off to the parks for more adventures to infinity and beyond!

It is true that at this stage, access to the dream is a luxury that not everyone can afford. But I do not regret having lived it, moreover, with my little sister who has since left us. This memory has become sacred in my mind! Even if the prices will surely increase with the current renovation, I don’t despair of returning one day. As they say: when you pray to your lucky star, your dreams always come true!

Disney and me, it's a long love story. I fell into it as a child and never got out. From movies to theme parks, through the history of the Walt Disney Company, to comic books, everything fascinates me.