One night at the Disney Newport Bay Club Hotel!

Earlier this year, my husband and I stayed at Disneyland Paris‘ beautiful maritime-themed hotel: the Newport Bay Club! We spent a night there over Christmas with a couple of friends.

Our arrival…

This was my first time booking at this hotel and as it is a 4 star hotel I expected a certain level of service. However, our arrival did not go quite as planned… As soon as we passed the security gate, a Cast Member announced that there was no more space in the car park. So we checked-in in the car in front of the main entrance of the hotel. We were then redirected to the general Disneyland Paris car park. I was disappointed with this procedure as we did not even have the opportunity to discover the hotel and soak up its atmosphere…

The façade of the hotel on the parking side

Moreover, we lost more than an hour. Indeed, we wasted time going to the general car park, queuing to enter this car park, then walking to the park (we were parked in the 32nd row!!!). Not to mention that at the end of the day, we had to go the other way around and so, again, waste of time! We who usually like to do our shopping in the Disney Village and the walk around the lake, the atmosphere was a bit broken…

The room…

Après toutes ces péripéties, nous sommes enfin parvenus à notre chambre. Son atmosphère était parfaite ! Les couleurs, le mobilier et la décoration y étaient très agréables et rappelaient bien le thème maritime.

The room

Right away, we could see the difference with the lower class hotels (you will find the links to our reviews at the end of the article). Indeed, we could enjoy a welcome tray with several bottles of water, a coffee machine with its capsules, a kettle and tea bags of a very good brand. It was very nice to be able to make a cup as soon as we woke up!

The bedding was very comfortable and there were more than enough pillows! The cleanliness of the room was impeccable, nothing to complain about.

The bathroom was very similar to the one at Sequoia Lodge with a few differences… Firstly, the blue tiled floor was more inviting than the one at Sequoia Lodge but more importantly, the infamous shower curtain that sticks to your skin is replaced by a glass window. This may be a detail for you but for me it matters!

La salle de bains en 2 parties

The hotel and the Captain’s Quarters…

The corridors of the Newport Bay Club Hotel had the same atmosphere as in the room. The “luxury cruise” effect is well achieved and, despite the crowds, the hotel remained fairly quiet. Just opposite the reception, the shop is relatively large and well diversified. Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to meet a Disney character whose location is provided at the exit of the shop.


A little further on, we went to the hotel bar: the Captain’s Quarters! After completing the formalities required by Covid, a Cast Member designated our table. The chairs were welcoming and comfortable. The atmosphere was friendly and in keeping with the rest of the hotel. The service was good and the cocktails were great!

Captain’s Quarters

The breakfast…

The buffet was served in the Cape Cod restaurant. It was very well stocked and diverse! It has been a long time since I have seen a breakfast buffet with so much choice! The waiters were attentive to clear the plates quickly.

The only downside was the noise. It is true that the Newport Bay Club hotel is huge and the number of rooms is insane! And so, unfortunately, it was felt at Cape Cod: a crazy world walking in all directions to get to the buffet and back to their table. This resulted in a very noisy restaurant!

After the hearty breakfast, it was already time to leave the room and head for the parks.


The positive points are :

  • The maritime atmosphere is very successful: you feel good in this hotel
  • The cleanliness of the room
  • The welcome tray with water, coffee and tea available
  • The proximity to the parks
  • The diversity of the breakfast buffet

The negative points are :

  • The reception and check-in in the car on busy days with referral to the general car park
  • The noise and the crowd at breakfast
  • The absence of a Disney character during my stay (normally there should be one every day…)

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