Ratatouille: The Adventure – Technical data

Who hasn’t dreamed of slipping into the shoes of Remy, our favorite rat? Visit Chez Gusteau’s kitchen and experience an epic chase! Get into rat-shaped vehicles and enjoy this 4D adventure. The attraction inspired by the Pixar animated film Ratatouille is located in the “Remy’s Place” area of Walt Disney Studios Park.

Credit : Disney

Technical data: Ratatouille: The Adventure

  • Opening date: July 10, 2014
  • Manufacturer: Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Situation : Walt Disney Studios Park – Rémy’s Place
  • Music : Michael Giacchino
  • Time: 4 min 40 s
  • Vehicle capacity: 6 people (2 rows of 3 people)
  • Number of vehicles: 41 rats
  • Hourly capacity: 1.500 Guests/hour
  • Equipment required: 3D glasses provided in the queue
  • Type of attraction: 4D scenic path (3D + sensory effects) with LPS technology (Local Positioning System)
  • Interest: Single Riders queue, no age or size restrictions
  • Attached restaurant: Le Bistrot de Rémy
  • Accessibility : Accessible to pregnant women, boarding possible with your wheelchair, accessible to guide and assistance dogs.
Credit : Disney

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