Disneyland Hotel Renovation: The Castle Club

On 28 April 2021, Disneyland Paris announced the unprecedented renovation of the Disneyland Hotel. Since then, little information has been released about the renovation project of this flagship hotel in the Paris tourist destination. The hotel will be royal themed and will become the realm of many Disney Princesses and Princes, from classics such as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, as well as the recent animated hits The Snow Queen and Rapunzel. We have obtained the building permit for this transformation and are now giving you the first secrets in three acts of the Disneyland Hotel’s renovation: the communal areas, the rooms and suites and now finally the Castle Club.


Located on the top two floors of the central building, the Castle Club will be more than ever a “hotel within a hotel” thanks to its complete autonomy from the rest of the hotel. High-end guests will continue to be greeted at the lift exit by a dedicated reception. Founders restaurant and The Castle Lounge will retain their privileged locations overlooking Disneyland Park.

51 rooms of all categories will be available. The first level will house 6 suites, 24 Premium Double rooms, 2 Premium King and 2 Premium King adapted for accessibility (PMR). On the second level there will be: 4 suites including 1 Presidential and 1 Vice-Presidential, 10 Premium Double, 2 Premium King and 1 Accessible Premium King. No Rapunzel suite will be on offer. The description of the rooms and suites outside the Castle Club are presented in the previous article here.

Castle Club Suites


The two levels of Castle Club will continue to offer 10 suites as follows: 2 Cinderella, 2 Sleeping Beauty, 3 Beauty and Beast and 3 Frozen. Each of them can accommodate up to 5 personnes and can be adjoined with a Premium Double to increase the capacity. Their names and themes are evolving as follows:

3rd Floor – Fantasia Gardens View

  • N°2318 : Walt’s Apartment –> Beauty and Beast Suite
  • N°2329 : Walt’s Apartment –> Frozen Suite
  • N°2323 : Tinkerbell Suite –> Beauty and Beast Suite
  • N°2324 : Tinkerbell Suite –> Frozen Suite

3rd Floor – Disneyland Park View

  • N°2308 : Walt’s Apartment –> Cinderella Suite
  • N°2338 : Walt’s Apartment –> Sleeping Beauty Suite

4th Floor – Fantasia Gardens View

  • N°2423 : Tinkerbell Suite –> Sleeping Beauty Suite
  • N°2424 : Tinkerbell Suite –> Cinderella Suite

4th Floor Parc Disneyland Park View

  • N°2401 (vice-presidential) : Cinderella Suite –> Beauty and Beast Suite
  • N°2403 (presidential) : Sleeping Beauty Suite –> Frozen Suite

Fittings and Furnishings

The suites are somewhat different from the other categories. Most of them are equipped with a dressing room and all have a bidet in addition to two separate toilets. A bathtub, shower and double basins are also present.

Each of the themed suites will have its own distinct furniture. This can be seen by comparing the back-to-back suites (formerly Tinkerbell) which become Beauty and Beast (2323) and Frozen (2324). Tables, sofas, layout… many differences appear. The former stands out because of its four-poster bed, while the latter is distinguished by the snowflake motif on the lounge table.

rénovation disneyland hotel castle club

The Beauty and the Beast suite (vice-presidential) has a very pretty table with a rose motif. Its baroque furniture seems to be very elaborate in a “ballroom” style and one can guess the presence of candlesticks and other furniture inspired by the film. The Frozen (presidential) suite has the same configuration as the former Sleeping Beauty suite, with less massive furniture and the piano preserved.

And in the Other Disney Parks?

In other Disney parks around the world, several hotels already have princess-themed rooms. For example, the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel both offer overnight stays in the Frozen universe. Cinderella is also represented in Hong Kong as well as at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. As for Beauty and the Beast, we also find her in the Japanese establishment. All of which provides some inspiration for the ongoing transformation of the French Disneyland Hotel.


The Castle Club’s almost self-sufficient organisation would allow it to eventually claim the ultimate distinction of a palace by refocusing on an ultra-premium clientele. The rest of the hotel would retain its 5-star status to offer a more affordable alternative to other visitors. This integration of the various princesses into the suites would probably be accompanied by tasteful decorations and furniture inspired by the corresponding worlds.

The transformation of the Disneyland Hotel will follow exactly the same trajectory as Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, which will open in June 2021. Disneyland Paris now considers the latter to be the new benchmark in terms of hotel offerings at the destination. We can only hope that the few design failures noted at the superhero hotel will disappear from this new large-scale project.

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