• 29 May 2020

Ratatouille : The Adventure


The world of the famous little rat

This attraction “Ratatouille: The Adventure”, plunges us into the world of the famous little rat Rémy from the film Ratatouille released in 2008. It opened its doors on July 10, 2014, inaugurating with it a new land on the theme of Paris. The attraction is suitable for young and old alike as it requires no minimum height.

When we arrived in the land, we were immediately immersed in the atmosphere of Paris with its typical architecture and Parisian cobblestones. The queue starts between two alleyways and leads us into a Paris by night where we lose all sense of time and reality. As we move along, we can sometimes hear dogs barking, sometimes a cat fight or simply a dispute between neighbours. We are truly in Paris!

Enseigne du restaurant Chez Gusteau

Then we arrive at the boarding gates! We are invited to wear a pair of 4D glasses and to board in funny vehicles the shape of rats, each with a maximum capacity of 6 people. Our rat starts, that’s it, we have shrunk! He takes us into the kitchens of the Gusteau’s restaurant and the adventure begins. Any fan of the film will find himself in the iconic scenes at this attraction.

Balcon dans la file d'attente

My review

Line: it’s long, very long. This implies that the wait frequently reaches one hour. Favour the fastpass or the single rider line options if you want to do the ride without waiting.

Theming: perfect, you feel totally immersed in the city of Paris from the queue to the exit. The use of gigantic props in the attraction really gives us the impression of being the size of a rat in a huge restaurant.

Sensations: don’t expect the sensations of a rollercoaster. Having said that, the 4D feels great. The effects are well done and gives us a few surprises. The vehicle transporting us offers us a few sensations and little surprises throughout the adventure.

In summary

“Ratatouille: The Adventure” is a must-see attraction at Walt Disney Studios Park. It will delight young and old alike. It is better to visit the attraction early in the morning or during parades to avoid the long line-up. Be careful because the 4D scenes and the movements of the vehicle can make more sensitive people feel nauseous.

We like :  We don’t like :
  • the great theming about Paris
  • the length of the queue (1h+ of queue)
  • the 4D effects that plunge us into the world of the movie
  •  the short duration of the ride
  • the surprises hidden throughout the adventure
  • the Single Rider and the Fastpass lines


A fan of the Disney universe since I was a child, I'm particularly fond of our Disneyland Paris park. As a writer in the Ed92 team, I bring my knowledge about attractions and their design.

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