[Season 2] We are InsidEars Episode 1 : Alex from DLPNEXT

oday we introduce Alexandra, member of DLPNEXT since 2018!

Alexandra, can you introduce yourself for those who don’t know you?

Hello ! Thank you for this opportunity to appear on Sociabble for the “We Are InsidEars” portraits. I am Alexandra, 27 years old and I’m the teammate of Jonathan, creator and founder of Dlpnext.

What is your role within DLPNext and how long have you been part of the team?

I joined DLPNext in June 2018 alongside Jonathan (created in December 2017) completely by chance via instagram. I was interested in writing articles on the website that had just been created. Being at that time a complicated period for me professionally, I was looking for a way to keep my mind busy and I thought, what better way than to share my passion? So I started by developing with Jonathan the already existing instagram page (which had a few thousand subscribers) with the creation of a Twitter account and a Facebook page and group as well as the redesign of the site (design and layout) with the writing of all kinds of articles such as “how to organize your trips/day at the park” or “tips and tricks/ practical information” etc…

I very quickly took on the role of “second” and I managed the content of the site, all the social networks (including the creation of stories), as well as the Youtube channel on the page with Rรฉmy at my side (I did the voice-over for the weekly news of the park).

Very quickly, DLPNext grew and today we are a great community with more than 150K Disney fans by our side! The site very quickly allowed me to develop new skills as an autodidact, which today has enabled me to find a stable job where I feel fulfilled!

My role within the DLPNext team has now changed and I am now “community manager and partner relations” (basically, I manage relations with our many partners – small community creators as well as major brands – and propose sharing content and contests while overseeing all the social networks. (I also continue writing articles on the site).

We’ve gone from 3 people to around 10 who now manage DLPNext!

What is your relationship with Disneyland Paris, how does your passion translate?

I’ve been an Annual Pass since 2012 (I was selected among the households to get a free “Annual Discovery Passport” from Disneyland Paris during their Annual Passport advertising campaign at that time) and since then… I couldn’t do without it! I translate my passion also through my collection which I will talk about later, but also through some drawings in my spare time; I started with a sheet of paper and a pencil and today, in the digital era, I’ve switched to digital illustration (see my personal account Instagram : @Ecastera_)

What do you like most about Disneyland Paris? What is your favorite show and attraction?

I think like many of us here, it’s the sharing and the feeling of escape that I love when I go to Disneyland Paris. As soon as I pass through the gates, life and the daily traces are left behind and I can completely let go. My current favorite show is “Mickey and the Magician” but there is no substitute for “Disney Dreams”. My favorite attraction is the iconic “Phantom Manor” for its incredible story and scenery. 

Do you have any favorite memories of the resort? Memories about the resort?

I have tons of them. When I go to the parks, I am always very well surrounded and always share wonderful moments. But THE most beautiful memory on the park is the whole week spent with Raven from Dlp_partagesetinfos and Lise from LadyLiliCosplay at the Sequoia Lodge under a snowy week on the park in January 2019, what a wonderful memory…

Have you ever travelled to other resorts? If so, can you tell us more?

Unfortunately, I haven’t had this chance yet, maybe one day but it’s not in my plans. For me, Disneyland Paris still has a lot of secrets and things to offer!

What has the InsidEars program brought you?

When I joined DLPNext and thus the InsidEears program, I had no idea what a big family I was going to be part of! I’ve met fabulous people and friends today (Hi Alexandra @DarlingDisneygram!) and experienced moments and events that my little fan heart is overjoyed to have had the chance to experience and share with our community! Notably, the InsidEars first birthday party which was GRAN-DIOSE, the “A very Mickey Christmas” party in 2018, without forgetting the day in honor of Mickey’s 90th birthday on September 27th, 2018.

I also have a sweet and beautiful memory of the day at the Golf of Disneyland Paris which was super enriching.

Do you have a collection ? If yes, can you tell us about it ?

Above all what was previously revealed, I am above all a fervent collector! I started to be since 2012, when my little sister gave me a Cinderella figurine for my birthday (for my 19th birthday) during a family day at Disneyland Paris in the year of the park’s 20th anniversary.

Today, I have a total of a little more than 320 objects of all kinds of collection on Disney and Disneyland Paris (figurines, badges, keys, hotel souvenirs, collector’s items, toys…) coming from the park but not only ! Every weekend during the summer, I go hunting every weekend on flea markets and flea markets, toy fairs… throughout my department but also beyond, looking for a favorite, a vintage object, a memory of youth…

Each object in my collection has its own story, a nostalgia! I also collect books: 173 books to my credit on Disney and Disneyland Paris (some of them are more than 30 years old!) but also the entire “Disney Classique” collection of the Editions France Loisirs that I have had since the early 2000s.

Do you have a last word?

I would like to thank Jonathan for having allowed me to join him and to develop together what DLPNext is today, but also for having supported me and allowed me to blossom in my passion.

I would also like to thank many of you here, some people and groups/pages for sharing all together this same passion that is Disney and Disneyland Paris and of course the InsidEARS team, who without you, everything would not be possible! 

Disney and me, it's a long love story. I fell into it as a child and never got out. From movies to theme parks, through the history of the Walt Disney Company, to comic books, everything fascinates me.