30th Anniversary Snacks: What’s on the menu?

As of 6 March 2022, Disneyland Paris has launched the 30tthe Anniversary season. Certain members of ED92 have had the opportunity to take part in the destivities and discover, at the first look, the new additions in the park. And of course, it’s not a birthday party without a feast. Our team members have kindly devoted themselves to testing the food offer (at least, those which were available). Discover our review of the 30th Anniversary snacks!

An overview of savoury snacks: “The quickest way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach…”

Let’s start with the main course! One of the park’s flagship additions, the star of the snack menu, is the roast turkey drumstick, the famous Turkey Leg from Disneyland California, notably served in the Last Chance Café

Even if the meat is notably full of flavour, it is still on the dry side. Well, the ratio of quality/price takes quite a hit! 

Turkey Leg : 9 euros 

For the savoury: 2,5/5

Ices, Ices, Ices: “Why didn’t they call me “the Adorable Snowman”? “

Among the new food items, we can’t possibly pass by the 30th Anniversary ice creams which have appeared on the menu of Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant. Each one is in the design of a character, in a particular flavour. The team was not afraid to try them, braving the winter temperatures with courage!

One good thing about the cold, the photo shoot took place in quiet surroundings…

Glace Lotso : Strawberry Cheesecake

The one that was unanimously approved! Its 3 scoops of strawberry cheesecake flavour are light, while its white chocolate Lotso and its soft pink hues whet the appetite. 

Nota Bene : Unfortunately, the topping wasn’t available on the launch day, 6 March. Thank you to Angèle, the Cast Member who completed it with pink and purple smarties.

pot de 3 boules : 5,50 euros

Glace Donald : Wafer pieces, caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream

In second place on the podium, we find out favourite duck. Fun fact, this marks the first time you will taste one in ice cream form.

Joking aside, under the vanilla ice cream, the wafer pieces and the delicious caramel sauce are a very tasty addition.

petit pot : 4 euros

Glace Carl and Ellie : Cookie Dough

This ice cream will delight all fans of chocolate and cookies. What’s more, the house surrounded by multicoloured sweets, floating above icy clouds is a nice nod to the film and the rendering works well. All the same, the cookie dough fills up your stomach rather quickly, so that it is difficult to finish the pot… 

pot de 3 boules : 5,50 euros

Glace Stitch : Vanilla 

In last position, the Stitch ice cream is far from being a winner. It’s not bad, but it’s not particularly good either. The vanilla flavour is beyond basic and offers nothing more. To do the character justice, a chilli or black garlic ice cream (yes, it exists!) would probably have been more convincing, or at least would have provoked a strong reaction. 

pot de 3 boules : 5,50 euros

It was a pleasure to taste them this summer because, to tell you the truth, some of the team ended up as ice statues after this tasting.

For the ice creams: 4/5

Les biscuits : “You’re late for tea!”

Le sablé géant

In the left-hand hub, the stand offers giant shortbreads in the shape of Mickey and Minnie. Don’t be fooled, the biscuit breaks very easily and goes perfectly with a hot drink for a snack.

sablé géant : 12 euros

Le Cake Pop 

At the same outlet, it’s also possible to pick up Mickey and Minnie cake pops. They are very pretty and appetising. All the same, take care! The biscuit is so hard you risk breaking 2/3 teeth. Feel free to break it by hand, or use a sledgehammer, the choice is yours.

cake pop : 4,50 euros
cake pop : 4,50 euros

For the biscuits: 2,5/5

Note : a little difficult to finish as the icing is a little bit sickly in the long run.

The pastries: “A great dessert, an éclair!

Le Festival Minnie Douceurs : Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant

At Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant, it’s now possible to order the festival of “Minnie’s sweets” : a selection of 3 or 5 pastries, priced at 6 or 9 euros. The flavours, in the signature style of the park’s 30th Anniversary, feature purple with blueberry, blackcurrant or raspberry.

Among the desserts, we have:

  • The blueberry cabbage: fresh and light.
  • The raspberry and blueberry millefeuille: delicious and fluffy.
  • The marshmallow and blackcurrant tartlet: the combination of marshmallow and blackcurrant is interesting but the cake is a bit heavy.
  • The meringue, vanilla cream and shortbread dome: sweet and delicious, but it is better not to have eaten anything beforehand because the shortbread combined with the formidable power of the meringue quickly fills the stomach.  
  • The choco-dulcey and blueberry tartlet: a true delight! 
le festival minnie douceurs

Le dessert du 30e anniversaire : Café Hyperion

At Café Hyperion, menu 5 offers a special 30-year cake for dessert. Composed of a sponge cake and a chocolate mousse, the dessert is good and light. However, the price of 5 euros may seem a little excessive for a mass-produced pastry. 

dessert du 30e anniversaire : 5 euros

For the pastries: 4/5 

To finish

To finish the meal, here’s what we could learn from the various snacks offered on the occasion of the park’s 30th Anniversary.

We likedWe didn’t like
The ice creams and their varied flavoursThe savoury foods lacked originality
The delicious pastries in the 30th Anniversary coloursCertain snacks were lower quality than others
The diversity of the sweet treats on offerThe price was a bit inflated for many products

Note for the combined 30th Anniversary snacks: 13/20

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