Elsa is the older sister of Anna, daughter of the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Arendelle. She has a special gift, the ability to control snow and ice. She is the main character of Frozen.

Express biography :

  • First name: Elsa
  • Family : daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna and older sister of Anna
  • Capacity : snow and ice control
  • Princess and then Queen of Arendelle. She is also the protector of the Enchanted Forest
  • French voices : Anaïs Delva (Frozen I) Charlotte Hervieux (Frozen II)
  • Original voice: Idina Menzel

Elsa – In detail:

Frozen I :

The birth of his powers :

  • It was in the first episode that Elsa realised that she had powers. She has the ability to control ice and snow. From a very young age, Elsa used her powers to have fun with her sister Anna. In the evening in the ballroom, she would play with snow. One day, Elsa accidentally hurts her little sister’s head.
  • Grand Pabbie, a stone troll, heals Anna and takes advantage of this to make her forget about her sister’s powers. Elsa must then learn to control her emotions in order to control her powers.
  • From that day on, Elsa lives far away from everything and everyone in order to protect the outside world from her powers, but also to keep her safe from people with bad intentions. Her parents cut her off from the world, locking her in her room.

The coronation :

  • Years later, when Elsa comes of age. She is to be crowned Queen of Arendelle. Reluctant to let the people of Arendelle know about her powers, she finally agrees to see her people. The two sisters were reunited for the first time in years.
  • Elsa‘s powers are revealed for all to see on the coronation night. As her sister Anna, comes to her for her blessing for her wedding. The younger sister tells her that she is engaged to Prince Hans. The new Queen of Arendelle becomes angry with Anna and unwittingly uses her powers.

The birth of the Snow Queen :

  • Following this event, Elsa decides to give up her throne. What she does not know is that she plunges the Kingdom of Arendelle into an endless winter. It is in the North Mountain, a snowy desert, that Elsa decides to settle down. She uses her powers to build a palace of ice.
  • Her sister finds her with Olaf‘s help in order to bring her back to Arendelle, Anna tells her that she has plunged the whole kingdom into an eternal winter. Elsa‘s emotions get out of control, she unintentionally hurts her sister’s heart with a jet of ice. The Snow Queen decides to create a Marshmallow that will repel anyone who tries to enter her palace.
  • As Prince Hans and his guards set out to find Anna. They succeed in capturing Elsa. She manages to escape by creating a snow blizzard, Prince Hans makes her believe that her sister has died because of her.
  • It is at the end that Elsa understands that love is the key to everything. Thanks to this, Elsa manages to thaw the Kingdom of Arendelle.
frozen II

Frozen II :

  • Frozen II begins with a story that King Agnarr tells to his daughters. Their grandfather, King Runeard has established a peace treaty with the Northuldra tribe by building a dam, the Enchanted Forest. However, a battle takes place and their grandfather dies while Agnarr manages to escape. The battle enrages the elemental spirits (water, fire, air and earth) when they disappear and a thick mist covers the Enchanted Forest.
  • Three years after her coronation, Elsa celebrates the arrival of autumn with Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven. One night Elsa is awakened by a mysterious voice. Unwittingly, she awakens the elemental spirits that are attacking Arendelle and forces the inhabitants of the kingdom to flee.
  • Elsa then discovers that her mother was a member of the Northuldra tribe and that it was she who saved their father in battle. As Elsa and Anna discover the remains of the boat in which their parents died, Elsa realises that they were looking for answers about it.
  • When she arrives in Ahtohallan, she discovers that the voice calling her is that of her mother. Elsa discovers the origin of her powers. They were given to her by nature thanks to Iduna‘s rescue of Agnarr.
  • On her journey, she learns that the dam was not a peace treaty – quite the opposite. Her grandfather hated the Northuldra tribe and wanted to colonise them. Elsa ventures too far into the past and memories and is transformed into a status of ice.
  • As Anna destroys the dam, Elsa thaws out and manages to return to Arendelle before the tidal wave destroys the kingdom. Elsa explains to her younger sister that they are the bridge between humans and nature spirits. Anna becomes the queen of the Kingdom of Arendelle and Elsa the protector of the Enchanted Forest.